Thrown Away, 2020

Thrown Away is a chromatic photo series emphasizing the power of creating strong visuals using recycled or thrown away objects or materials.

Having the studio in an old factory location has many advantages, like always finding gems through its garbage or old unused objects. Through the studio's second floor window, I can see the waste the factory workers are throwing and sometimes perfect photo backdrops or unusual textures reach the pile beneath our window. It was the case with the materials used in this project also, construction cardboards with beautiful textures were thrown away one day and we rushed to salvage them for photographic work.

These used cardboards where multilayered and photographed with colored gels and mirror papers to enhance their beauty, capture viewer's attention and give the audience a memorable visual experience.

Moving from foreground to background, with casted colored shadows, emphasized by spots of colors, the textures are working together to establish visual presence and urgency. Every piece of texture has its moment and purpose as it contributes to form dynamic shapes and moving triangles. Tensions and multilayered compositions are arranged and broken to give the image a sense of rules. The only true meaning is that these materials have life in them and they should be used over and over before recycling them and turning them in new lives.

Thrown Away was shot in Bucharest, 2020 as part of a photo trilogy that centered and evolved around reused materials and the idea of forging visuals from underrated and unexpected elements: Thrown Away, The End of an Era and Textile Waste.

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