Textile Waste, 2020

Millions of textile waste are generated each year by the fashion industry. Many of these textiles end up in garbage, as recycling or upcycling are hard and time consuming processes. Textile Waste is a project that takes leftovers from a local dress company and turns them into colorful visuals.

Having commercial photography assignments can lead to access to a lot of materials and products. These dress textiles were photographed with model one white background as online shopping items. Following the trail of textiles back to the factory you could see how much waste the process generates and how many beautiful pieces are discarded as they don't get to be used due to their sizes and cuts.

One can argue that the arrangement in this photo series creates a more vibrant and special effect than the actual dresses. By juxtapositioning pieces of material, a saturated random mozaic imagine is being created. No white space between the material creates the idea that they are one and fight together against their destiny.

Textile Waste was shot in Bucharest, 2020 as part of a photo trilogy that centered and evolved around reused materials and the idea of forging visuals from underrated and unexpected elements: Thrown Away, The End of an Era and Textile Waste.

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