Quarantine, 2020

Quarantine is a self study photobook created during the covid virus pandemia.

Many questions were asked worldwide during this period, questions that debate the way we lived before and the way we will live after the crisis. This is a time of reflection about the things we can do better on this planet as individuals and society.

The photographs were taken during January-May as covid pandemia, quarantine and government imposed isolation kicked in.

National state of emergency was declared on March 16 and photographing outside the house or interacting with other people become almost impossible.

During this social isolation, I found myself and the objects that surrounds me the subjects of the photographs. The photographs are split between three locations where I've spent most of my isolation period: the apartment I live in, my mothers in law house and the studio where I work. Reflective photography, object and food photography, shadows, self portraits and simple compositions combine fragments and ideas about personal discovery and archive. The view of truth or reality about the self that is free of any individual's biases, interpretations, feelings, and imaginings creates the opposite of subjectivity and gives an almost perfect outcome.

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